Our Story

SleepLITExp has been created to provide as much information, testimonials and user needed videos as possible about Sleep related disorders, Sleep related to Brain activity, and Sleep as it may pertain to Emotional disorders and many other different Sleep related issues. SleepLITExp and its founders have had significant experience in the arena of “lack of Sleep.” A significant need was identified after family members were prematurely diagnosed with “Epilepsy.”

This diagnosis was a very traumatic event because a sleep disorder was found, after years of narcotic and seizure medication being prescribed, to be the Root Cause of the problem. This set in motion the establishment of this digital resource and digital tool to allow other people that may have experienced similar diagnosis or related questions not only answers or testimonials from doctors but patients and treatments as well as more discussions on this topic. We found that investigating sleep and its related benefits and issues has become an important and serious topic that other families need answers to. Those answers are so very important to not only adults that may have serious sleep problems but our children as well. Sleep is so important to our youth and the continuing growth of not only the human body but the formation and health of the young brain. Children are bombarded with technology and while technology is an obvious part of our future it need not be a part of the resting time that allows the brain to reenergize and heal. This is true for both adults and children alike.

Sleep with Children

SleepLITExp has identified a real need for children to have a sleep study as well as adults. Many of us, as parents, dismiss  the fact that children are not getting enough quality sleep. Children are allowed to keep hours that many adults could not maintain. There are times that children are allowed to “sleep in” because they have had such a strenuous day. It has been discovered that children should maintain a rigorous schedule for “Sleep” as well as their busy schedules. The emotional and mental health of a child is so very sensitive to the amount and quality of sleep they receive. We have been so accustomed to adults having “Sleep” issues that the need in children and teens has been overlooked. We have identified this need and encourage all family members that may think that their sleep is being interrupted to get a sleep study regardless of age. Our global impact team can get you on a path to “Sleep Recovery”  at a center near you. We encourage you to complete the short survey form below to begin a better nights sleep for you and all of your family members.

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